Why you shouldn’t sell your house to an investor

Today, we want to talk a little bit about why you shouldn't sell your house to an investor.

We deal with homeowners who either want to sell quickly because they're being transferred, relocated to another part of the country. And the price of the home is not as important as the timing. And then we also buy inherited properties in abandoned properties and vacant houses, houses that really should be sold off to an investment company because they either need repair type of work or something of the sort so while we do deal with properties in every condition, in every neighborhood throughout the spectrum, there are some people who are just not suited for an investment sale.

why you shouldn't sell your house to an investor


If you have a house that's in a beautiful neighborhood or a house that's in perfect condition and timing is not an issue, then the best way to get the most money for your house is actually to put it on the multiple listing service by hiring a professional realtor to list it, to show it and market it and get top dollar.


If you have a property that needs Taibu problem resolution, multiple errors that need to sign off on a sale, a different means that need to be negotiated, or if you're simply in a position where the timing is crucial, then companies like ours can make a very strong offer on your house. It's really important to find out all of your options. And when you're talking to an investment company, it's really crucial that you go online, read reviews, go to the Better Business Bureau and find out who you're dealing with.


One thing I have to point out to a lot of people is there's no barrier to entry in the real estate investment business. You can just put up a website or put a sign on the side of the road that says we buy houses and take phone calls


at our company  though we pride ourselves on years of experience. We closed upwards of a thousand transactions in the time we've been in business. You get the highest quality service here.


I do want to let you know that you don't have to be desperate or have a house that's in ugly condition to sell to an investor. A lot of people come to our company because they simply want the speed of the service. They don't want to show the house or they don't want to make even minor repairs. Some people are even in the middle of buying another house or have listed the property unsuccessfully. So I don't think that just because you call an investment company, you are desperate to sell or that we think you're going to be desperate to sell.


Sometimes this is a really good option for people with beautiful houses. And we will let you know when we talk to you about all the options that we think you have available.


We will educate you on what the market value of the houses and what similar houses are selling for and what condition and help you make the right choice for you and your family.


Therefore, best thing you can do is investigate multiple options, talk to investors, talk to agents, talk to friends and family, ask for referrals and do lots of research online and find out if selling to a company like ours homebuyers is the best option for you.


If you are going to sell to an investor, consider filling out this short form and we will have a cash offer and analysis to you within 24 hours.