The Best Ways to Save Money When Selling Your Property in Dearborn, Michigan

Everyone would love to save money, and when it comes to selling your property in Dearborn, Michigan, certain things can mean thousands in savings. With a complicated transaction on their hands and little experience, first-time home sellers end up making many mistakes. However, with some knowledge, you can avoid most of these blunders and save a small fortune on the sale of your property. 

Sell on Your Own

For some situations and types of properties, a “for sale by owner” listing can be the smartest choice. Selling on your own will place the entire process into your control, in addition to saving you money. However, you need to understand that doing so will come with some risks. While you will save a significant amount of money on commissions and other agent fees, you will also have to do all the work.

You will need to market your property, show it to prospective buyers, answer questions, and deal with all the paperwork. For those with little or no real estate background, it can be a lot of work, in addition to being risky. 

Sell your Property As-Is

The current appearance of your house in Dearborn, Michigan may not be pretty. However, selling it as-is can save you a lot of money on upgrades and repairs. It will protect you from dealing with any expenses or costs to repair it. You can always find a buyer looking for a property he or she can renovate and upgrade to sell for a profit. 

Such buyers act quickly and help house sellers avoid wasted time, commissions, repair costs, and other agent expenses. Other buyers are willing to purchase a house that requires some work. Usually, they choose such properties to benefit from a lower buying price. 

Working with a professional home buyer such as Dearborn-Homes LLC is another great idea, especially if you want to sell your house quickly. We provide excellent service and top-of-the-line offers owing to the large number of homeowners we have served. We know the process and use efficient and streamlined systems to help our clients sell their properties fast. 


You do not need to spend your money and time updating an old bathroom or kitchen before listing your house. Instead, consider offering prospective buyers a credit towards making renovations and upgrades of their own. In addition to appreciating the credit buyers, will enjoy the advantage of choosing their designs and finishes. 

Remember that taste is subjective. Just because you prefer a particular design does not mean that everyone else will like it. If you choose to spend a fortune on renovations, you risk putting off some buyers. Additionally, renovation costs can exceed the original estimates. Therefore, you run the risk of going beyond your budget. 


If you choose to work with a Dearborn real estate agent, find out how much you will spend. You will also need to know the costs included in a listing agreement to avoid having to deal with surprise administrative and marketing costs. If possible, negotiate a lower commission. It is possible to find a real estate agent with the confidence to sell your property quickly. Therefore, he or she might be amenable to a lower commission. 

Sell your Property Fast

Any experienced real estate investor will tell you that a house will ultimately cost you more the longer you own it. Month after month, your holding costs will continue to add up. If your property sits on the market for a long time, these costs can amount to thousands of dollars. Other expenses to think about are regular maintenance, utility bills, landscaping, homeowner’s insurance, staging, repairs, property taxes, and more. 

When you sell your property directly to Dearborn-Homes LLC, you will be through with the entire selling process within a few days. For many home sellers in the Dearborn area, a direct sale can turn out to be the most profitable way to sell.


If you own a great camera, consider taking photos of your property for the listing. A professional photographer will charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Some sellers even use a drone to take shots of their properties from the air. Other things you can do on your own include posting your signs, throwing an open house, and handling your online listings. All these things will help you save lots of money. 

When selling your property in Dearborn, Michigan, there are tons of ways to save money. Before you spend any money on repairs or decide to list your house, let Dearborn-Homes LLC help you determine the selling method that will help put more money into your pocket.