Selling Your House in Dearborn MI To An Investor Vs. Listing With Agent

If you are thinking of selling your house in Dearborn MI or are in the process of doing so already, make sure to get the best deal out of the transaction. Since going about the process on your own might not work, the best options you have are working with a real estate agent or selling your house to an investor.

Listing your dearborn home with an agent has its advantages, however, sellers need to understand that what should matter to them most is not the selling price, but the amount of money they will make from the sale. Furthermore, the stress that can result from the complicated sales process can give a seller many sleepless nights.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of selling to an investor and listing your Dearborn house with an agent.

 Selling to Dearborn-Homes LLCListing With An Agent
Commissions You Pay0%6% (Average)
Selling the House
Number of days to stage and prep the home010 days
Number of weeks required to close the transaction1 – 2 weeks7 – 8 weeks
Number of showings you can expect120
The Cost of Transactions
Fees you can expect to pay the Real Estate Agent$06% of the selling price
Repairs needed before selling the homeWe pay for all the repairsNegotiated during the inspection stage.
Who takes care of the closing costs?We pay the costsYou pay 2% of the selling price
Estimated homeownership and overlapN/A1%
Inspection & Financing ContingencyNone15% of sales fall through

After making your calculations, which method works for you?

The table above gives a clear picture of the costs involved in pursuing any of the two methods. The chances of getting a higher selling price when you list with an agent are very high, but the benefits of selling to an investor can end up being more lucrative after the process is complete.

Some advantages here include:

You Get Your Money in Two Weeks

When your Dearborn house stays for a long time on the market, the owner (You) will have to keep making utility payments, insurance payments, tax payments, mortgage payments, and any other payment attached to the house.

Therefore, the period between listing the house and getting your money can be costly and has to be factored into the cost of the house. On the other hand, if you sell to us, we will pay you within 14 days, so the cost of holding the property will be negligible.

You Do Not Need to Fix Anything or Keep Staging the House for Every Buyer

You can have any number of interested buyers visiting your listed property over a given period. This will force you to keep fixing up your house, cleaning it, and making repairs in hopes that the next person will buy the house. However, this is never the case when selling to Dearborn-Homes LLC.

We will make you an offer based on the condition of the house, pay you everything we both agree upon, and thereafter we will pay for and make any necessary repairs. You will not need to waste any time, money, or resources trying to please people.

You Need Not Concern Yourself with The Closing Fees

Since Dearborn-Homes LLC is a professional home buying company in Dearborn MI, we will make the process as smooth as possible for you. We will handle all the annoying closing costs and pay you exactly what we agree on.

When you consider the amount of time, money, and hassle you save when you work with Dearborn-Homes LLC in comparison to listing your house with an agent you will know what your best option is.