Selling A House With Termite Damage in Dearborn Michigan

Before selling their house, homeowners in Dearborn Michigan should do an extensive inspection of their properties to check for any structural damage. You should address issues such as mold as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Structural damage can severely limit the ability to find a good offer on your house if you do not attend to it. One of the issues that may go unnoticed is termite damage. 

Extensive termite damage can ruin the integrity and the stability of a residence, thus lowering its property value. Termites feed on wood, and as tiny as they are, they can cause devastating results to structures and even create safety hazards that can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Older houses constructed mainly of wood are prone to termite damage. 

Checking your house for termite damage is also a requirement by law. Homeowners are required to disclose termite-related issues before selling their homes. So, what happens if you discover your house has extensive termite damage? The good news is that you can still sell your house, but you should be willing to invest in it first.

Rid Your House of Termites

Get rid of the tiny insects before you can list your house on the open market. While getting rid of termites may seem like an easy job, it is best to leave it to professionals. Termite exterminators know where exactly to look and how to destroy an entire colony. Hire a professional pest control company to help you curb the termite problem in your home. You have an option of requesting green products to get rid of the termites rather than using certain pesticides. However, this may cost you more in the long run, but it is worth it.

Sell Your House As-Is

The truth is that potential buyers shy away from buying a house with termite damage. They can do so even after fixing the problem. Even after inspections and providing the proper paperwork, you may find that your house may not sell as fast as you’d want. Most homeowners have to drop their prices below the asking price after failing to sell their homes for months. 

You have the option of selling your house as it is to a willing investor or a cash home buying company. This means you will not have to deal with the termite problem or spend money on repairs. Instead, you will receive a cash payment on your house and let the buyers take those problems off your hands. 

Be Truthful

Never be tempted to conceal the truth from your potential buyers. Termite damage is quite visible, and trying to lie about it will only make the buyer wary and suspicious. Be upfront and honest about the level of termite damage in your home from the get-go. Go ahead and show the buyers where the affected areas were and how you fixed the problem. Ask the pest control company to provide you with a detailed report of how they got rid of the termites. 

It is advisable to present repair paperwork and proof that the problem is not there anymore. Offer tips on how the new owners can prevent termite infestation in the future and ensure they don’t return to affected areas. Doing this not only shows the buyers you are honest but also protects you in the event of a lawsuit. When you sell your home, it is advisable to have the buyer sign papers acknowledging that he or she is aware of the situation. 

Do a Re-Inspection

According to law, a homeowner must disclose that his property had termites even if the problem is not there anymore. To prevent potential buyers from turning away, you can do another termite inspection after getting rid of the termites. Hire a renowned inspection company for validity. Get detailed reports showing that your house is termite-free and safe. 

Normally, re-inspections do not cost a lot of money. For transparency, you can request a potential buyer to do his secondary inspection. The buyer will be satisfied with the results. You will also avoid being accused of conflict of interest because your inspector was impartial or known to you. 

Purchase a Termite Warranty

Most professional pest control companies offer multi-year warranties following a treatment. These warranties provide a guarantee that the termite problem has been eliminated once and for all. In case they do return within the warranty period, the company is obligated to remedy the situation free of charge. These warranties help buyers feel protected in case of future risk of termite infestation. Buy a warranty from your pest control company, one that is transferable to the new owners. 

Take Preventative Measures

Getting rid of termites does not guarantee that the infestation may never happen again. Apart from using the best pest control company, you also need to employ preventative measures to ensure they don’t find their way back into your house. Make sure to fix all the holes and cracks where they may hide. You also have the option of installing mesh screenings on external vents. Take measures to protect your home from all harmful insects while you are at it. 

If you live in Dearborn, Michigan, and looking to sell your house with termite damage, don’t hesitate to contact Dearborn-Homes LLC today!