Sell Your House in Dearborn MI Without Spending A Dime

Selling your house without spending any money is easier than it sounds. Once you consider all matters, an old-fashioned transaction with a Dearborn MI real estate agent will not be necessary. In this post, you can mug up how to sell your house without spending a dime in Dearborn MI.

There are various reasons why you may want to market your house quickly. Finding a new home, relocating to a different area, divorce, or loss of a loved one. These instances and several others like it may cause you to leave your house and not look back.

That said, you may not be looking to work with a realtor due to costs, or time wasted, among other challenges experienced when working with one. Before we dive into how to sell your house in Dearborn MI without having to use any substantial money, let us first consider some of the expenses you may come across when working with a Dearborn MI realtor.

Common Selling Costs


In most cases, homeowners renovate their property to give it a competitive edge against other properties on the marketplace. Although some improvements can add value, there are no assurances. Some renovations do not attract enough value to the house to be worth the time and effort.


Before a property features on the Dearborn MI MLS listings, it will probably need some repairs before selling.

Even the expense of minor repairs can multiply fast when you get down to the details. Fixing walls and patching drippy pipes can amount to additional maintenance and more cash out of your pocket. Do repairs cleverly and be sure to well reveal anything you do not intend to repair. You should also think through maintenance demands that may come up after the prospective buyer has concluded their assessment. If the property is not valuing high enough for the real estate investor’s fancy, you may need to spend some more cash to increase the worth of the house.


Advertising may include expert photography, print materials, top listing placement, items outside of what your realtor delivers, and so forth. Though some items are factored in a normal listing agreement, others are not.

To cash in on your house as swiftly as possible, you may end up pumping out a little more money to make your property visible. Just ensure the services you are paying for make financial sense in the end.


On average, the realtor’s commissions will add up to roughly 6% of the closing price. This is a bulky sum to give up, so if you choose to list, make sure your realtor is worth their charge! Oftentimes, you can discuss the commission rate or settle on a real estate agent who provides limited service for a flat charge.

Closing Costs

Closing costs take care of costs such as inspections, loan payments, and title searches. Whereas purchasers will pay the bulk of the closing expenses, you can expect to spend anywhere from 1-3% of the ultimate sale amount in closing costs. When you consult with an expert buyer such as Dearborn-Homes LLC to buy your property, you can avoid the closing costs.

Listing + Realtor Fees

Some realtors offer services without ever charging you extra money besides commission while others do not.

Thus, you may be spending money on separate costs for managerial fees, advertising payments, or open house costs. The majority of the realtors will not ask to be refunded for these costs, yet, if you are seeking first-rate services, you should expect to pay a little extra.

Holding Costs

To state simply, owning a house costs money. If the property is on the market for some time, you could spend extra on things such as property taxes, utility bills, landscaping, property holder insurance, maintenance, and a mortgage if valid.

When you sell your property fast, it can bring in loads of money in savings for services you would otherwise be shelling out cash on if your property is still appearing on the MLS listings.

What other better options you have for selling your house in Dearborm MI?

Sell to An Expert Buyer

Selling to a professional buyer for instance Dearborn-Homes LLC will let you sell your property fast and for a lucrative price.

We will team up with you to ease the process and ensure you never have to spend any money.

List It

A fruitful listing will necessitate many of the expenses mentioned above.

Save cash by picking a full-service negotiator to avoid awkward situations. If you decide to sell your house without doing repairs, think about offering credit for investors to make repairs as they deem appropriate.

Sell Your Property As-Is

Trading your home as-is will save you money so long as you can present the house before the right buyers.

Concentrate on proving your property’s potential, even doing a cost breakdown displaying an educated guess of what the renovations will amount to. You will want to ensure that cash buyers and investors do not file a lawsuit against you for not mentioning repairs that need to be done.

We are ready to buy your house in Dearborn MI so you can sell it without spending a dime! Call us today to learn more!