5 Best Home Upgrades That Boost You Dearborn Property Value Before Selling

Are you looking to sell your home in Dearborn and want to make sure you are giving it your best shot? If that is the case, you might feel tempted to do an out-and-out home makeover or even install an outdoor kitchen deck. While these upgrades will attract potential buyers to your property, such an extensive face-lift will cost a lot of money that you will not necessarily regain at closing.

When it comes to improving your house before putting it on the market, it is wise to by-pass big upgrade projects and invest in smaller revamps that will both boost your home’s value and make it more attractive to buyers.

Here are five improvements you can make to boost the value of your Dearborn property.

Repairs and Maintenance

Unless one is looking for a fixer-upper, buyers do not want to buy houses that require upkeep now and then. Old-fashioned appliances can also be a deal-breaker because they too will need to be replaced at some point. These lead to accumulating additional expenses that people would rather not concern themselves with. 

Replace anything that is wearing down before you sell, such as the roof, fireplace, or central heating, and save the receipts. Make sure to document proof of the repairs. Such efforts encourage buyers to dig deeper into their pockets.

In addition to the major repairs, attend to the minor problems you have learned to live with over time. These include creaky flooring, wrecked tiles, and awkward windows or doors. These are not issues potential homeowners want in a new house.

Spruce Up Your Dearborn Home’s Interior 

Giving your house an in-depth and sparkling wash is a requirement before selling it. We are not just referring to mopping and vacuuming. You will need to remove clutter and create room and breathe new life into your old house.

A touch of fresh paint is a brilliant way to spruce up your interior without breaking the bank. Make sure to stick to neutral colors. If possible, think about replacing old flooring with appealing varieties. Hardwood floors are indeed stunning but costly. Nonetheless, such flooring will make a difference when prospective consumers come knocking. Otherwise, wooden floors or newly fitted carpets will save you money and still look amazing, particularly when accompanied by a fresh coat of paint. 

Two spaces to concentrate on are the bathroom and the kitchen. You can make significant improvements on these without spending too much money. Instead of buying into advanced marble countertops and high-end appliances, it is best to work with a decent mid-range bathroom and kitchen revamp, as this will usually yield a favorable return on investment.

Think Green & Save Energy

If you are replacing old equipment in the house, it is good to think about saving energy. Energy-efficient heating appliances can reduce heating expenses drastically. Also, renovating the roof with excellent insulation can help to warm the house during winter.

Based on where you live, some things will matter a lot. For example, a potential buyer looking for a home in Dearborn, MI, will not worry too much about a super-efficient fireplace as one looking for a home in Alaska. However, solar-powered fixtures or solar panels are ideal.

When it comes to solar panels, keep in mind that they are not suitable for a short-term increase in value. Their high initial cost and slow returns make solar panels fit to be a long-term investment. Nevertheless, solar panels increase the perceived value of a house, and with an energy-efficient mortgage (EEM), the buyer will have reduced utility costs.

It is good to have your utility company or a professional energy auditor carry out an evaluation to discover where you could be wasting energy. Depending on their references, you can opt for renovations that save money and are most attractive to potential buyers. Remember to let the buyers know about the add-ons that will help to reduce their utility expenses!

Improve Your Curb Appeal with Landscaping

Regardless of how gorgeous your house’s interior looks or how eco-friendly it is, it does not count if consumers do not like it even before they step inside it. Many buyers decide whether to buy a house or not within the first seven seconds, so your property must make a significant first impression.

At worst, overgrown bushes and trees are unsafe and can bring about costly damage. Also, they cast a shadow over the house and hinder natural light from getting into the house. Tall trees can also obscure the view of the house and make prospective buyers miss it.

Refurbish your yard and liven your curb appeal. Begin by trimming any overgrown plants. Then, clean and revamp the paths around the yard as well as the driveway. Put more plants and flowers to remodel the front yard, and make sure your porch and front entrance are inviting, spotless and fresh. A coat of paint to perk up walls, window frames, and fences goes a long way to making your property stand out.

A big yard can be a gamble. Some potential buyers can look at it as a lovely play area for the children or their pets, while others think about the hours of mowing the lawn that they will waste every year! Consider your market to see the type of consumers you are more likely to encounter. If you wish to sell to the latter, you might consider putting up an outdoor deck to reduce the amount of grass that will need cutting.

Make Your Space Look Larger 

Open spaces inside the house are now more sought-after than ever. Not only do open spaces make homes look bigger, but they help potential buyers to imagine ways they can use the space. Besides, open dining/living and kitchen areas are more and more fashionable these days.

Otherwise, you could add the livable square footage of your house by renovating the basement or attic or into a new living area, bathroom, or bedroom. While changes are a brilliant idea, adding an extension may not be worthwhile. Yet, a roofed decking area or a sunporch may very much achieve the same outcomes, for a far reduced spending.

This is especially the case for warmer areas. Therefore, do what works best for your situation. Consumers searching for homes for sale in Dearborn, MI, for instance, are likely to spend time outdoors during the hot summers and may well relish an outdoor dining or living space.

There is no specific formula for increasing the market value of your house. What works for some may not work for you. Think about your target consumers, location, and your concerns before you spend money on upgrades. And do not forget, sometimes, less is more!